Best Above Ground Pool Cleaners – Guide & Reviews

Recreation is a part of life, a part of existence and without it, we can't work, and there wouldn't even be a reason to work in the first place.

We work so that our money can bring us joy and that joy is many times in the form of recreation. Recreation as a way of rest and unwinding has many facets, but swimming is one of the most recognized worldwide.

Long ago people had to go all the way to lakes, rivers oceans to get a nice relaxing swim. Nowadays it is right outside our houses.

Swimming pools use water, and we all understand that water if not well taken care of hygiene wise can be the worst places to wish you ever were in.

As a result, pool cleaners are here which prove to be invaluable partners in keeping our pools clean and safe for use. This article below gives you what you need to know about automatic pool cleaners.

Mower Names

Dimensions (Inches)

Weight (pounds)



Hayward 500

34.2 x 13.8 x 12.8


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Zodiac Ranger

16 x 9.5 x 40.5


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Polaris Vac- sweep 65 6- 130-00

7.5 x 22.5 x 23


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41 x 18 x 6


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Pentair 360100

43.5 x 6.2 x 12


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Things To Consider When Buying An Best Above Ground Pool Cleaners

It takes knowledge to know that with so many products already in the market, there have to be those that are good at a good price and not very good ones at a not very good price too.

Therefore, it is good to know how to choose a pool cleaner so that you don't find yourself at the end of the deal with a mediocre product.

Size Of The Pool

The size of your pool says a lot about the kind of pool cleaner you should buy or get. A pool cleaner that will need to be attached to a hose and probably need electricity to operate would not be too good for a large pool since its movement will be limited.

Amount Of Debris

Aside from size, the amount of debris you have in your pool can also define the pool cleaner you decide to get. A solar powered pool cleaner would be incredible for removing anything from the surface of the pool but wouldn't touch the walls and bottom.

So it would be appropriate to get the right pool cleaner for the right amount of debris.

Style Of Cleaning

There are three types of automatic pool cleaners; automatic suction cleaners, automatic pressure cleaners, and robotic pool cleaners. How a cleaner does its work can determine whether you buy it or not because it should correspond with your pool.


It is common that when using a machine or equipment, you will need to maintain it after every few periods of time. The difference in time of maintenance varies among machines and in this case pool cleaners.

You may want to know how you often you will need to maintain a pool cleaner and consider if the frequency and cost are okay with you.


You cannot ignore cost. Some products will be overpriced others underpriced while others just the perfect price. It is important to know what your budget is and then go shopping with that in mind.

A pool cleaner might be very good but way out of your budget league and so you need to find one that works well too but costs about the range that your budget allows.

Best Above Ground Pool Cleaners Reviews

The best pool cleaners cannot be found without knowledge and research. You need to understand what you are buying to get the best deal.

Meaning spending the right amount of money for the product that matches that amount in performance and other issues as well.


Editor Rating:

This is well-designed pool cleaner that will give you interesting features especially ones that make the job of the person minimal and easy. For easy work, this is your cleaner.

A machine or equipment that does its job brilliantly but doesn't disrupt the normal activities of people around with things like noise and so forth is just incredible.

This pool cleaner is made with a unique gearing system that in the process of carrying out its job, provides a constant balanced water flow. This ensures quiet operation and gentle movement across the bottom of the pool.

Easy Installation

Ease of installation makes the job of starting to use your newly acquired equipment very enjoyable and not stressing. This pool cleaner is one such machine that takes almost none of your energy to install.

No extra tools are needed to make its operation effective, and as a result of this, in less than ten minutes you will have set your cleaner up and ready for work.

Minimal Friction

Friction can cause damage to your pool, and that's why this pool cleaner is made with a Deluxe bumper ring that minimizes friction for easy movement away from walls and resumption of the programmed steering pattern.

One-Year Warranty

A warranty says that the manufacturers believe in their product that if anything comes up and the product is not operating as it should, then you can bring it back and have the problem fixed.


Editor Rating:

This product is made not just with hygiene in mind but also the user and the care of the pool too. It cleans well and still contains features that make it a very interesting product.

When you buy a pool cleaner, you expect that it will give you a clean sparkling pool.

This product is an expert at that. It effectively cleans your above ground pool and the probability that you will smile at your pool after is almost 100%.

One Moving Part Technology

Machines can suffer wear and tear in the cause of working if they are rubbing against themselves or even parts within them.

This product is conveniently made with one part moving technology that apart from increasing lifespan, reduces the noise produced significantly.

Unique Deflector Wheel

There are many pools each with its design and it is not an impossibility that the pool cleaner may sometimes get stuck on steps ladders or corners. This pool cleaner has a unique deflector wheel which prevents this eventuality.

Comes Pre- Assembled For Easy Installation

Installation can be a hustle, and the makers of this pool cleaner understood this. That's why it comes already pre- assembled so that you don't have to struggle setting up when you buy it. On top of this, it also includes 32 feet of feed hose.


Editor Rating:

This product is uniqueness and genius put into one. A product that swims across your pull powering itself as it cleans your pool above standard.

This is one product you don't just pass without looking at or even better, buying.

Works In Most In Ground Pools

The makers of this pool cleaner understood versatility to the core. This product can work with most in-ground pools, vinyl or fiberglass pools. Even those with uneven bottoms will benefit from the benefits of it.

Installs Easily

It is good and feels good as well to have a machine that sets up and begins work in no time. The Polaris Vac Sweep is one such product. In minutes, you will have set it up, and work can begin almost immediately.

Blows Water Against The Pool Wall

The effectiveness of this pool cleaner reaches lengths! It blows water in hard to reach places loosening debris and then sweeps it into an easy to remove filter bag. So no place in your pool will remain not cleaned for whatever reason.

Works In A Short Time

This pool cleaner aside from being an excellent performer works with the systems you already have in place and completed jobs in record time. It operates with pumps and filtration systems found in above ground pools and finish the job in less than three hours!


Editor Rating:

This pool cleaner makes the job of cleaning your pool extremely easy. Very easy to install, no tools required and attaches to your already existing filtration system.

You hear them say "…..he's/ she's the happy owner of…." This happy owner will be you every swimming day of your life.

The Vacuum In Ground Pools No Matter Size, Shape, Etc.

This pool cleaner is indiscriminate. It doesn't matter if your pool is large or small or has a unique design, this cleaner is up for the job.

It cleans despite size, shape, design, etc. So no worries if your pool is not like many around, uniqueness is accepted with the XtremepowerUs vacuum cleaner.

No Tools Required

Many machines and equipment need extra tools to work effectively. Not this one. No tools are required to make operations possible. This means no extra costs for the buyer and no installation troubles.

Attaches To Your Existing Filtration System

When you are buying a pool cleaner, it is an added advantage if it can work with what you already have just like this one here does. It attaches and works together with your already existing filtration system.

Doesn't Need Electricity

It can be a bit tricky sometimes, if your pool cleaner needs electricity. You will need extra things like extension cords, wires and so forth.

Furthermore, you'd have to be super careful because water and electricity together can be very dangerous. This pool cleaner poses none of these dangers because it doesn't use electricity.


Editor Rating:

You want an even and powerful clean of your pool that doesn't leave patches of areas that haven't been cleaned? This right here is the one for you.

Easy to use, lasts long and performs its job brilliantly.

Dual Band Of Bristles Scrub Debris Loose

What's better than a band of bristles working to scrub debris from your pool surfaces? TWO! This pool cleaner has a dual band of bristles that scrub debris from the surfaces of the pool loosening them and making it possible to clean the pool to the highest standards.

Programmed Cleaning Cleans With More Coverage

It annoys when the cleaner leaves spots in the pool that are still dirty. With this pool cleaner, those are not problems of importance because it doesn't leave any unattended spots. The programmed cleaning makes sure it reaches all areas of the pool evenly.

One Moving Part For Longer Life

A machine can be trusted to live a longer life if its parts are well taken care of, or in this case, if it takes care of itself. This pool cleaner is made with a simple design that includes just one moving part reducing wear eventualities and giving it a longer life span.

No Assembly Required

Ease of installation and use comes in here very confidently. After buying this product you do not need to assemble anything to get it working. Just hook it to the hose and voila! Good to go.

Final Verdict

The above seen pool cleaners are all excellent at their job but not everyone is the same and not everyone has the same circumstances so different people will find a different pool cleaner better than all the rest. This article helps you choose, which it is that you find most appropriate or best for you.

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