How to Clean Gutters From The Ground: A Complete Guide 

It’s time to clean your gutters for better hygiene and good maintenance of your house. No matter how important gutters are for the well-being of your home, if you take its maintenance lightly the well-prosperity of your house came under quandary. An ill-maintained gutter becomes unhygienic and ultimately an adobe of harmful microorganisms. If you think why to clean your gutters on a regular basis then you have to take an insight to this piece of content. Here we will discuss the importance of gutters and why their clean-up is essential on a regular basis along with the significance of gutter guards.


Gutters help in making the roof and walls of the house durable by controlling the flow of rainwater. They not just protect the roof and walls but also works for the well-being of foundation and landscape of the house. If the foundation of the house becomes weak the whole existence of it becomes questionable. This is the reason why having a gutter which is unclogged and properly working becomes highly important.


The three major reasons for cleaning the gutters include the following:

  • The gutters maintain the steady flow of rainwater. Whether it’s raining or not the roof gets accumulated with leaves and debris. These materials take time to putrefy or decompose and thus clog the gutters and make the wall and roofs weak. This, in turn, makes the foundation of the house weak as well.
    • If the roof of the house retains the rainwater for a longer period of time due to clogged gutters, it may start leaking. The leaky roof leads to the damaged exterior as well as the interior of the house.
    • Another important aspect is maintaining the hygiene of the house. When the rainwater retains in the roof it attracts much other harmful incest, pests, rodents, and microbes. Honeybees find them appealing to make their combs. Of course, you don’t want your house to get infested with all these dreadful microbes and pests and risk the health of your family.

Therefore cleaning the gutters is so important and necessary. But being stuffed with stinky debris their cleaning becomes a very miserable and messy job. But again there is a solution which could curb the clogging of gutters to some extent. The presence of gutter guards helps a lot in combating the problem of clogged gutters.


Gutter guards are special tools that are installed at the gutter to prevent them from getting clogged. While the leaves, seeds and other debris when move along with rainwater block the gutters, the gutter guards prevent these trash to enter inside the gutters. Due to different sizes of holes or meshing the solid part remain outside letting only water to flow through the gutters.Gutter Guard
There are three different types of gutter guards present in the market. These are the screen, surface tension and fine mesh based on their permeable capacity. While the surface gutter guards can eliminate big leaves and fine needles to enter the gutter, fine mesh prevents even the small particles.
These gutter guards can be cleaned easily and are easy to install as well. They won’t only help to make the roof clean but protect the gutters to get clogged to a great extent. Gutter guards also make the cleaning a little easy and simple.

Although they decrease the need of regular maintenance, they didn’t rule out the need of cleaning the gutters completely. Maybe the cleaning which was required at every 4 to 6 months gets reduced to once a year. But a regular inspection is again needed to check whether the gutter guards are working or not.


This number largely depends on two factors:

  1. Climate: At the time of the year when spring falls and autumns are prominent, the roof gets accumulated with lots of leaves and debris. So this time of the year requires more frequent cleaning rather than other months.
  2. Locality: If you are residing at a place which is surrounded by trees all around, you need regular maintenance of the gutter.

But that doesn’t mean that others should not take a heed to their gutter cleaning. No matter where you live and what the season is prevailing, a regular clean-up is essential for good maintenance and better hygiene. If you are neglecting cleaning your gutter, you might save some bucks at the moment but it won’t do any good in the long run. Once the exterior, interior, roof, and walls start getting damaged it costs thousands of dollars to maintain it all over again. You should inspect your home regularly to avoid damage costs. Tampa home inspector could help you with proper inspecting.

Sometimes the trash becomes so prominent that it becomes hard to clean it by yourself. In such cases the need of a professional cleaner becomes important. So whether you are going to clean the gutters by yourself or thinking to hire some professional cleaner, your gutter needs to be neat and clean for the sake of good maintenance and hygiene of the house.

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