Top 5 Lawn Care and Maintenance Tips

We all cherish to have a green, smooth and picture-perfect lawn right next to your home. But if you own one, you already know that such a scenario is pretty hard earned. A 12-months around maintenance, some little investments and most importantly doing the right thing at the right time- are what you need to do.

No matter you’re searching on the internet or taking advice from the grandpa next door, you need to know the very basics of a lawn maintenance. And today in this article, we’re willing to give you a hand in this.

Here are top 5 best lawn care and maintenance from experts:

  • Keep the Soil Clean

    No matter what plantation you’re going to implement, it’s important that you make the soil in the right way. Make sure it’s free of weeds and it won’t immediately crust over or impact into lumpy ruts.

    For the first few times, it may seem to be a lot of hassles. But I promise you’ll get used to it with time.

  • Make AN Intelligent Lawn Plan

    A lawn isn’t a golf course or something massive spacious. It’s just a lawn. So we have a very limited space to get everything we desire done. So it’s mandatory that you make a proper plan of where will be the grow tent, where will be the playground and so on. And if you want it to be best, we suggest hiring some professionals like Wesley Chapel Landscaping Services. They do it way better than us ordinary people. Landscaping services Wesley chapel has a decade-long reputation in the business and can definitely give your lawn the best look.

  • Be Pretty Serious About regular Mowing

    Lawn mowing is something that mawn owners have to do on a regular basis. Instead of just pressing the wheel forward, you can actually get more out of your lawn mower.

    Do it in such a way that allows a maximum amount of sunlight reach to the grass and other plants. If you’re owning a hilly terrain, then a smart move will be to gradually lower the cutting height on a certain surface.

  • Keep the Garden Pet-proof

    I’m sure that you or your kids won’t go destroy the newly planted plants. But what if the dog finds it interesting?

    Therefore, pet animals had been always major threats to garden owners. BUt a few steps can reduce the risk to a minimum. Such as-

    – Drive some short stakes into the ground throughout the flower beds. It will keep dogs away from it.
    – Pungent herbs like Rosemary are a good way to keep the cats out of the garden.
    – Spray a layer of coffee beans and you can see how the cats aren’t getting even close to the lawn.
    – Use Cedar chips on the path that you don’t want your dog or cat to go through.

Save Your Plants from Overnight Frosts

It’s nothing expected that your plants are taken away on a sudden rainstorm or snow. So, make sure they’re all good when you’re not even watching them. In that case, some fencing does a little help. But in case of strong calamities, it can’t give you a guaranty.

So, it’s better that you take some little clay pots to clock up the plants. It will surely keep them safe for overnight.

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