What can you do when the moths spread to your clothes

There is a huge difference between moths infesting the carpet and moths infections your clothes. And that is that at the difference of carpet, the clothes cannot be sprayed over directly. So basically It only leaves temperature as the next most practical solution or the dry cleaner.

Extreme cold and high heat at both able to kill all developmental stages of moths. We can use our freezer and leave some garments at -18oC for a couple of days or heat up an item above 56oC for a few minutes in a heat pod.

But depending on how many clothes you actually have to sort out, it can very soon become an impossible task to do it yourself. And the dry cleaner alternative can become ever so expensive. So carrying out a heat treatment within your room can become both more practical and less expensive than another alternative.

In order to heat treat a piece of clothing, we need to expose it long enough for the heat to permeate long enough to heat it up above 56oC to denature the protein structure of the insects. Since we often keep our clothes packed tight in our wardrobes, the heat would not be able to distribute efficiently enough. The same issue arises with folded clothes.

The solution is therefore to spread the clothes in a dedicated rack and paying care to leave 1-2 inches between garments on hangers for the hot air to circulate. Simply monitor the temperature from the inside of the sleeve at shoulder level, and if the temperature is high enough deep within, then it is high enough everywhere.

For heavy jackets, it may be needed to turn them upside down to expose the inside lining to the heat. This is especially relevant to leather and fur coats. But regardless, it is a wise precaution for any item that is composed of many layers of materials.

Once all the clothes have been treated and the wardrobe is emptied out, the heat may be used to ensure that no larvae or pupae are hiding between the cracks. So exposing the furniture to heat as well is very beneficial. However, since the material is much denser and thicker, it needs to be left exposed for much longer.

Every load of clothes would take about 20 minutes to reach the required temperature, so you can possibly treat 2 loads per hour. But the heat penetrations being limited, it may be necessary to expose a bit of furniture in excess of 2 hours to achieve the same results.

An alternative for furniture would be super-heated steam. Not only it is practical, but the high-pressure steam will be pushed as deep as it can be, and the resulting flash burn will be enough to trigger the desired effect. Once, heat-treated, the wardrobe can then be sprayed, and once dry, the clothes can be replaced inside it, where they belong. At inoculand pest control, we are greatly experienced in moth treatments and we use the heat technology to great effects. The technicians have all the gear inside their vans, so whatever the situation, they have the necessary means to deal with it

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